Lead Paint

Hire a Certified Professional

When you are ready to remodel or renovate your pre-1978 home, it's important to hire a Lead-Safe-Certified professional, recommends the National Association of Home Builders.

Before being banned in 1978, lead was a common ingredient in exterior and interior house paint, and is still present in many older homes. Lead ingestion has been shown to cause developmental delays and disabilities in young children.

In April 2010 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency enacted the Lead: Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule that requires training in lead-safe work practices for all remodelers working in pre-1978 homes. EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovators are equipped to use lead test kits, educate consumers about the dangers of lead and use prescribed lead-safe work practices.

"Lead-Safe Certified Renovators are trained to help keep your family safe from lead exposure during your remodeling project," said NAHB Remodelers Chairman Donna Shirey, CGR, CAPS, CGP, and remodeler from Issaquah, Wash.

"It always pays to get the job done right," said Shirey. "Remodeling professionals have expertise in design solutions, managing product choices and completing beautiful projects. Plus lead-safe certification means the remodeler will understand and apply practices to minimize dust and lead exposure and protect the safety of your family."

When planning your home remodel, read the EPA's Renovate Right pamphlet to better understand the dangers of lead exposure and how to conduct a safe home remodel. Consider hiring a certified risk assessor or lead inspector to determine if your home contains lead paint. After completing the renovation, be sure to maintain records of the work that's been done.

To find an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator near you, contact your local HBA of Northern Colorado, 970-686-2798.

List of Certified Lead Base Paint Members in Northern Colorado

Name Company Name Phone
John Bailey 2 Valley Builders, Inc. (970) 599-2134
David Dohn Andersen Windows (970) 217-1985
Jeff Schneider Armstead Construction (970) 472-1113
Gil Paben Aspen Construction (970) 482-4218
Jason Coover Associates in Building & Design, Ltd. (970) 225-2323
Bill Kish Associates in Building & Design, Ltd. (970) 225-2323
Adam Miller Associates in Building & Design, Ltd. (970) 225-2323
Bob Peterson Associates in Building & Design, Ltd. (970) 225-2323
Eric Stein Associates in Building & Design, Ltd. (970) 225-2323
Ron White Associates in Building & Design, Ltd. (970) 225-2323
Dale Lindholm Dale Lindholm Builders (970) 482-6725
Mike Roberts Delehoy Construction (970) 226-0836
Mike Doddridge Doddridge Construction (970) 218-3120
Arnold Drennen Drennen Custom Contracting (970) 482-9100
James Warren Drennen Custom Contracting (970) 482-9100
Heraldo Duran HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Scott Fetters HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Ronnie Hicks HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Paul Lundgren HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Dwight Sailer HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Jeremiah Sailer HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
D Walker HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Steve Werning HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Gordon Winner HighCraft Builders, Inc. (970) 472-8100
Mark R. Kessler Kessler Construction, Inc. (970) 663-4428
Damen Lippold Kessler Construction, Inc. (970) 663-4428
Al Kulenski Kulenski Bldg. & Remodel, Al (970) 377-3124
Harry Poehlmann Poehlmann Construction (970) 278-1930
Ron Rudkin Rudkin Homes (970) 224-3332
Rick Garhart SolarGlass Window & Door (970) 224-1930