Where Do My Dues Dollars Go??

Where Do My Dues Dollars Go?

Where do my dues dollars go?  And what am I getting for what I pay? These questions are most often asked by new members and representatives and often by member’s who have not participated in the association for several years – until, a dues increase occurs or your membership is up for renewal. Suddenly, the association is asked to prove itself.  Once proven, the member usually discovers that the services provided – either directly or indirectly are of higher value than the actual amount of the total dues.  Let’s take a look at the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado (NOCO HBA) dues and what services are provided.


The total dues that NOCO HBA currently invoices Builder members is $650, Associate members $650 and Affiliate members $75.  It is important to know and remember that the amounts are split between three different associations (NOCO HBA, Colorado Association of Home Builders and National Association of Home Builders).  The distribution of the dollars between the associations is as follows:

                                                                                    Builders           Associates       Affiliates

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)*                   $198.00           $198.00           $15.00

Colorado Association of Home Builders (CAHB)*                  $215.00           $215.00           $5.00

NOCO HBA                                                                                   $237.00           $237.00           $55.00

Total                                                                                              $650.00           $650.00           $75.00

*subject to current rate

Let’s first take a look at the $198 that is sent to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  NOCO HBA is affiliated with NAHB.  When you join our local Association, you also join NAHB.  That membership entitles you to everything from discounts on car rentals, hotels, and office supplies to shipping, computers and other services.  Your NAHB dues also support the University of Housing, which provides training and certification programs through our local association.  One of the most significant services your dues support at the national level is representation on behalf of members at the Nations Capitol.  Promoting legislation that is favorable to homebuilders is something that must be done.  No member can afford to do it alone at the national level.


Next, is the $215.00 that we forward to the Colorado Association of Home Builders (CAHB) on your behalf.  At the state level, your dues support representation in the legislature, as well as various offices within state government. CAHB is continually monitoring proposed laws and regulations that will affect your business. From building codes, to land use, to environmental and energy codes, taxes, property rights and job site safety.  These items are occurring on a daily basis. You can’t find anyone willing to monitor the hundreds of proposed regulatory and legislative changes that are occurring at such a great rate for $215.00 a year.


Finally, is the dollar amount that stays here locally at NOCO HBA. Your Executive Officer along with various other staff on a part time, consultant, or intern basis are retained to implement Association policies and to carry out the work of the Association; major elements of which are community relations, education and training, communications, meetings, governmental affairs, administration of NOCO HBA business affairs, management aids and materials and many other types of membership services.  Planning and staging events such as Home & Remodel Shows, Parade of Homes, Golf and other recreational and fund raising events. Together the three Associations (local, state and national) form one of the nation’s largest and strongest trade organizations, as befits an industry of such fundamental importance.


Our Associations comprise the only organization working around the clock exclusively in the interest of the residential building industry.


Dues Well Spent


Ongoing Conversations for the Housing Industry

Fort Collins fee studies: Capital Expansion Fees, Impact Fees and more; collaboratively with FCBR and Fort Collins C of C

Water affordability:  tap fees, water supplies, storage projects; collaboratively with resource advocates and CAHB

Housing affordability:  collaboratively with industry based partners including FCBR, Larimer County, Weld County and Greeley

Age Friendly Housing: collaboratively with Larimer County and CSU

Candidate interviews and recommendations: per jurisdiction per election cycle


Founded in 1974, the Colorado Association of Home Builders is the unified voice of the Colorado Home Building Industry.  CAHB is an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders and has 10 local home builders associations across Colorado. With a statewide membership of nearly 2,000 representing 40,000 jobs the industry adds $11.5 billion annually to the Colorado economy, the Colorado Association of Home Builders plays a crucial role in providing housing for Coloradans.

We accomplish our mission by proactively advocating positive legislative solutions and by opposing measures that impair the ability to deliver housing and unreasonably regulate the industry; by empowering our members with learning opportunities at the local, state and national levels; and by supporting the goals and activities of each of the 10 local associations.

CAHB aspires to reach the goal that every homebuilder in the state is a member of CAHB, and every new home is the product of a member of CAHB. 

NAHB serves the entire home building, development and remodeling industry. To become a member of NAHB, you must join the local home builders association (HBA) serving your area.

About one-third of NAHB’s members are home builders, multifamily developers, and/or remodelers, while the remaining two-thirds work in closely related fields such as mortgage financing and building products.