Capitol Close-Up 10-30, 2018


Capitol Close-Up 10.30.18


2018 Voter Guide


2018 Election Day 2018 is just a week away, and we will soon know the outcome of a critical election for the next four to eight years here in Colorado. If you have not voted yet, please be sure to turn in your ballot by Nov. 6.  If you have not received your ballot or if you would like to track your ballot, please visit:


As we have reported before, there’s much at stake for homebuilders during this election. The association through its Executive Committee, Government Affairs Committee and Political Funding Committee have done quite a bit of work interviewing candidates, learning about ballot issues and engaging on statewide politics to provide insight and direction for our industry.


The CAHB then took that great work and put it together as a 2018 Voter’s Guide for members.  This document provides the CAHB’s official position on 6 statewide ballot questions and endorsements in U.S. Congress, Colorado Attorney General and General Assembly races.  As you wrap up your ballot, please utilize this guide.


Government Affairs Committee Update


The GAC at its October meeting began preparing for the 2019 General Assembly session … and the coming political changes with the gubernatorial administration and a bevy of new legislators and changing legislative leadership. The CAHB last week sent a draft 2019 Legislative Action Plan to local associations for review and input before the GAC finalizes the document for the January start of the legislative session. Please contact your local association if you would like to review and comment on this draft.


The outcome of next Tuesday’s elections likely will affect how the GAC sets its final priorities and positions for the coming year. If the governorship and legislature switch to one-party control, our industry may find itself defending against anti-business policies and regulations, while leaving us little room to advance policies that promote homebuilding and property rights.


Wrap Up: Initiative 66 Defeated


Finally, the Coloradans for Responsible Reform Committee established to defeat Initiative 66, the limited-growth measure proposed for the 2018 statewide ballot, wrapped up and will close down this month. That effort included an op-ed in the statewide online and print editions. The op-ed—co-written by Stefka Fanchi of Habitat for Humanity Colorado and CAHB CEO Ted Leighty—reminded voters, policymakers and stakeholders that the housing caps in Initiative 66, and possible future state and local growth measures, would turn Colorado’s “affordable housing crunch into an outright disaster.” Our coalition will stay vigilant and prepared if a new version of Initiative 66 heads toward the 2020 ballot—or pops up in any local communities.


If you have any questions about endorsements or the 2019 GAC legislative process, please contact CAHB at 303-691-2242 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thanks for using the 2018 CAHB Voting Guide and being an active part in supporting homebuilding in Colorado.


Please remember to vote and turn in your ballots by November 6.