CAHB-CEO Letter 12-12-18



CEO Letter:

With the 2018 elections behind us, the Colorado Association of Home Builders has been preparing for Governor-elect Polis’s administration and a single-party General Assembly in 2019. The Government Affairs Committee is working on the 2019 Legislative Priorities, which will be released just before the January 4 start of the General Assembly. As we get closer to the first day of the legislative session, be sure to watch for CAHB’s Capitol Closeup emails. They will include important updates on legislation impacting our industry and calls to action. These emails are your best way to stay connected to the legislature and to advocate for our industry and your business.

Thank you to the members or our PFC and GAC, and Chairs Roger Hollard and Scott Smith, for their time and dedication to the electoral process. In addition, thanks to the local associations and their members and staff for their assistance and input along the way.

If you are still curious about Colorado’s historic 2018 elections and CAHB’s role in the process, here’s some key stats. The 2018 elections were not as close as the pundits believed.  With more than 2.5 million votes cast, Colorado’s turnout rate was 62 percent, the second highest in the nation. Of note, Unaffiliated voters cast the most ballots for the first time ever, and 112,000 more women voted than men. 

Governor, AG, etc.

Here’s what is ahead when newly elected officials are sworn in on January 9. Democrats had a clean sweep of all four statewide offices: Congressman Polis beat Treasurer Stapleton by 10 points.  Phil Weiser will be our new Attorney General.  Secretary of State Wayne Williams lost to newcomer Jena Griswold, and State Representative Dave Young won the open seat for Treasurer. CAHB only played in the Attorney General race, backing Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler over Weiser.

State House

Democrats retained control of the Colorado House of Representatives and increased their margin to 41-24, picking up three seats. There were nine competitive races; the Democrats took eight of the seats. The Republican House Caucus re-elected Rep. Patrick Neville of Franktown as House Minority Leader.  The Democratic House Caucus elected Rep. KC Becker of Boulder as Speaker-designee – the full house will officially vote for the position in January – and Rep. Alec Garnett of Denver as Majority Leader. Rep. Garnett has been an important partner on construction-litigation reform and should continue to be open to working with our industry.

State Senate

The State Senate has staggered terms, so roughly half of the seats were up for election this cycle.  There were five competitive seats, and none ultimately were competitive, as Democrats swept each. The Senate Democrats will have 19-16 advantage for the next two years. Sen. Chris Holbert of Parker was elected the new Senate Minority Leader.  Democrats selected Sen. Leroy Garcia of Pueblo as Senate President-designee, and Stephen Fenberg of Boulder as Majority Leader. 

CAHB’s Election Advocacy

CAHB participated in 55 out of a possible 86 state races. Of the 55 races, CAHB-endorsed candidates won in 47 contests for an overall winning percentage of 85% (87% in state legislative races). In baseball stats, CAHB boasted a .854 batting average – an all-star performance!  CAHB endorsed 17 Democrats and 38 Republicans. 

The next General Assembly will see a combined total of 33 new state legislators in their respective chambers.  Of those 33, CAHB endorsed 17 of them, abstained in nine races, and supported opponents in six contests. 

NAHB’s BUILD-PAC endorsed candidates in each of Colorado’s U.S. House contests based on recommendations from CAHB and local associations.  Of the7 races, NAHB-endorsed candidates won in 6 contests and lost in 1, Congressman Mike Coffman.  NAHB endorsed 3 Democrats and 4 Republicans. 

CAHB also prevailed on five out of six ballot measures where we took positions.

On balance, this was a substantially successful electoral cycle for CAHB, but many challenges lie ahead.  We are displeased to no longer have shared control of the legislative branch.  In the past, this has required both parties to cooperatively govern, and that has served construction, and the State, well. 

Thank you to each of our volunteers, especially our leadership and committee members, and to our local association partners. Your support provides a critical means to educating candidates and supporting issues that not only share our vision for the future of homebuilding but will also keep it a high priority.

Finally, Cassie and I would like to wish a happy and peaceful holiday for all of our members and their families. It’s an honor and pleasure to work for this association and to represent our members. Here’s to a successful 2019.





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