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With Monday’s Snow, Maybe it’s a Good Week to Increase Your “Water” Education


The Colorado Water Congress, a statewide membership organization focused water advocacy and education, is hosting its 2019 Annual Convention this week, from January 30 to February 1 at the Westin Hotel in Westminster. The CAHB has long been a part of Colorado Water Congress and often works with many of its members on issues impacting water and homebuilding across our state.


As homebuilders, we all understand the importance of water and know first-hand how it impacts our businesses. And despite strong snowpack numbers — our statewide snowpack stands right now at about 107 percent of average, and 173 percent of last year’s numbers — we must constantly be part of the discussion on water resources, including storage and efficiency. That’s where conferences like this week’s Colorado Water Congress meeting are helpful.


And considering the 2018 statewide elections, this week’s event is even more important. Most still don’t know what directions Gov. Polis and the Democratically controlled General Assembly will take on water. Will they follow Gov. Hickenlooper’s state water plan, or will they chart new policies? We might learn more this week.


The conference will include presentations by members of the Polis administration, as well as key legislators from both sides of the aisle. Speakers will include Attorney General Phil Weiser, Department of Natural Resources Executive Director Dan Gibbs and Office of State Planning and Budgeting Director Lauren Larson. The conference will also feature the committee chairs and ranking members from the Senate and House water committees — Senators Kerry Donovan (D-Vail) and Jerry Sonnenberg (R-Sterling) and Representatives Dylan Roberts (D-Avon) and Marc Catlin (R-Montrose).


There’s still time to register, and the agenda is continually being updated. For more information, please visit the CWC Annual Convention site here.





CAHB Government Affairs


The 2019 legislature is starting to pick up pace. This past Friday, the association’s Government Affairs Committee took action on the following bills:


SB19-047: Remove Unauthorized Persons from Vacant Land (Position = Support)Legislation passed in 2018 updated Colorado law to create a procedure in lieu of eviction for the removal of an unauthorized person from residential property. This bill authorizes the same procedure to remove an unauthorized person from vacant land.


HB19-1025: Limits on Job Applicant Criminal History Inquiries (Position = Neutral) Also known colloquially as “Ban the Box”, this bill would prohibit an employer from stating in a job posting or on any form of application that a person with a criminal history may not apply—unless an employer is advertising a position that federal, state, or local law prohibits individuals with specific criminal convictions from holding. It also prohibits an employer from inquiring into or requiring disclosure of an applicant's criminal history on an initial application. The CAHB is currently neutral as other representatives of the business community—led by the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry—work with legislators to address key concerns.


HB19-1075: Tax Credit Employer-Assisted Housing Pilot Program (Position = Support) – This bill would create a state income tax credit, available to taxpayers for 5 years, for a donation toward the costs associated with employer-assisted affordable housing in a rural area. The CAHB has regularly supported this type of tool to help Colorado communities address their housing needs.


HB19-1086: Plumbing Inspections Ensure Compliance (Position = Oppose) This legislation would require plumbing inspectors employed by counties and municipalities to possess the same required qualifications as state plumbing inspectors, including possessing a valid journeyman or master plumber license. The GAC opposes this bill, unless substantially amended, and is working with stakeholders such as the Colorado Municipal League.


HB19-1106: Rental Application Fees (Position = Oppose) This bill would prevent a landlord from charging a rental application fee unless the entire amount of the fee is used to cover the landlord's cost to process a rental application. It also says that landlords may not charge two or more prospective renters’ different amounts for applications to rent the same property.  The bill requires that a landlord provide a tenant with specified notifications if the landlord rejects or places additional requirements in a rental application after evaluating the application.  It also institutes penalties on landlords who violate any of the bill’s requirements.


HB19-1108: Nonresident Electors and Special Districts (Position = Oppose) This bill would allow nonresidents of the state of Colorado to vote in special district elections if they, or a spouse or partner, own property within the district’s boundaries. The GAC also opposed this bill in 2018.


HB19-1118: Time Period to Cure Lease Violation (Position = Oppose) This legislation would require a landlord to provide 14 days notice of insufficient rent prior to beginning eviction proceedings, and 14 days notice prior to terminating a lease agreement for a subsequent violation of terms. Current law provides 3 days for a tenant to pay unpaid rent or vacate the property before a landlord may begin eviction proceedings.



For more information:


To track the CAHB’s legislative positions—including bills that the GAC supports, opposes and monitors—please visit CAHB Bill Tracker.