Know Your NoCo

Nikki Giordano, Executive Officer

Nikki Giordano just can’t escape the mountains. Giordano spent 18 years in Anchorage, Alaska before she embarked on a new adventure with NoCo. “I loved my job but I needed a change of scenery. Colorado was my number one choice, so here I am,” Giordano said.

Giordano is the former executive director for the Anchorage Home Builders Association. During her decade with the organization she grew membership, planned and implemented new industry events, and lobbied at the local, state and national level. She’s excited to bring her experience and passion to NoCo HBA.“I enjoy working with our members and the sense of community we’ve built,” Giordano said. “It’s rewarding to help improve a member’s business through the work we do.”

Giordano plans to strengthen the building industry through membership, advocacy and awareness. With its 320 local and 2,500 statewide members, she’s excited about the possibilities ahead for Colorado residents. Giordano understands the struggles Colorado residents face when it comes to the lack of affordable housing. “By lobbying our government officials and making our members aware of those challenges, we can address the problem together ,” Giordano said.

Giordano explores a variety of hobbies. She attends sporting events like Flyers games, country concerts and yoga classes. If you catch a glimpse of her outside the office she will probably be photographing, kayaking and traveling to a beach.

Julie Darling-Zarria, Executive Assistant

As a lifelong resident of Colorado, Julie Darling-Zarria understands the challenges facing the building industry in her home state. “NoCo is an important organization because it helps create a community building toward a single goal,” Darling-Zarria said. “Members create priceless relationships that benefit not only their clients but the community as a whole.”

Darling-Zarria comes to NoCo after working in the nonprofit industry. Her background made her an advocate for community wellness and helps her understand the real impact an organization can make. “I worked with kids who had mental and emotional needs,” Darling-Zarria said. “I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these children change and succeed as a result of programs.”

Darling-Zarria believes in NoCo’s mission of working together to improve the homebuilding process and provide affordable housing for all. “Colorado is at the peak of need,” she said. “Although as a homeowner it’s wonderful to see your equity increase, it’s heartbreaking to see how many would-be owners are being squeezed out of the home buying process.”

Darling-Zarria loves listening and dancing to local music. She also enjoys practicing Pilates and running the trails of the Colorado foothills.