Mission and purpose for NOCO RH

NOCO Responsible Housing is a Small Donor Committee (SDC) registered with the Colorado Secretary of State. 


NOCO Responsible Housing (NOCO RH) was established, by NOCO HBA, to advance the interests of the housing industry in Northern Colorado


The objectives of NOCO RH shall be to advance the interests of the housing industry in Northern Colorado through bipartisan support and education of candidates for state and local office; to involve itself in issues affecting the home building industry as determined by its Board of Directors and to provide individuals in the housing industry with a way to participate in the political process.



NOCO RH will be led by a Board of Directors (BOD) composed of contributing NOCO HBA members, elected by NOCO RH members.  The BOD will, along with managing the SDC, work to:

   - Advance the interests and political awareness of the homebuilding industry in Northern Colorado.

    -Support local and state level candidates as determined by an annual analysis of races.

    -Improve the political climate for the homebuilding industry within the Northern Colorado region.

 -Help our members and elected officials play a more active role in the public policy and political process surrounding homebuilding issues.




Your contribution helps to further those objectives as we seek to inform and educate the general membership of NOCO HBA on the political process, our positions, our endorsed candidates, and the importance of participating in the American election process. To make a contribution, use the portal on this page, or contact Greg Miedema at 970-686-2798 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for alternative methods. 

The maximum contribution, per calendar year, is $50.00 per individual. 

Note that all contributions must be personal funds; no corporate or other funds other than those from a private individual are allowed.


With Your Contribution we can make a difference; a difference in the composition of Boards, Councils and other public elected offices.  We can make a difference in perception and attitudes of and towards our industry.  We can make a difference in rule-making and regulations that impact our industry. 



Mission Statement

The HBA of Northern Colorado (NOCO HBA) is an organization of residential construction and related professionals dedicated to high ethical standards, education, and advocating for the health of our industry and success of our members.